The Fluff Factory Gourmet Cotton Candy

The Fluff Factory's Gourmet Cotton Candy Favors Organic / Vegan / Gluten-Free

Cotton candy party favors

Cotton Candy favors

Cotton candy Pops

ur famous  cotton candy pops are the perfect lil POP too add to any party, baby shower, wedding or event.

Choose color/flavor of fluff and ribbon color of your choice. Comes on a 6in white lollipop stick.

Add Glitter or POP ROCKS
to any order for that extra WOW!! 

Custom labels available

All pricing at webstore, minimum order 1 dozen

Gourmet Cotton Candy FluffBalls favors

                 Fluff Balls


Our Fluff Balls are the perfect in between  of a pop and bag in a perfect ball sized treat!

            Gender Reveal Fluff

The newest craze to hit the baby shower


                THE GENDER REVEAL   

What better way to reveal the gender of your little one than with with a sweet treat!

            You have your choice of a

                        FluffPuff pop


                         Fluff Ball

          Custom labels available

        All pricing at webstore, 

                                                                             minimum order 1 dozen  


     Cotton Candy Tubs

       These are great to add your own custom labels too or
we can customize one for you.

Pick your color/flavor of fluff

ribbon color choice

Container sizes are

8 oz Tubs (I color)

16 oz Tubs (2 colors)

32 oz Tubs are (3 colors)

Custom labels available

    All pricing at webstore, minimum order 1 dozen

Push Pops

        Push Pops are the newest thing to hit the party


     You choose your ribbon color as well as up to 4      

               different colors/flavors of fluff.

                          Custom labels available

        All pricing at webstore, minimum order 1 dozen


 Pre Packaged Cotton Candy

Our pre packaged cotton candy comes in a few options heat sealed or ribbon tied.

Heat sealed bags

remain freshest the longest. 

Our heat sealed come in 2 different sizes

5x7 Bags (1oz)


8x10 Bags (3oz)

Our ribbon tied can come in 3 sizes small (1.5 ozs), medium (4ozs) and large (6ozs)

         Custom labels available



Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy 

 I mean as if cotton candy wasn't enough these Glow in the Dark cotton candy sticks kick it up a few hundred notches.

We spin the cotton candy for you bag it and you insert the sticks before use.

The colors are rainbow and can either be a steady glow, flashing light or up to 6 other variety's.

   Custom labels available

    All pricing at webstore, minimum order 1 dozen


                       Fluff Cones


               The perfect little treat

              in an ice cream cone favor

              Custom labels available  

                All pricing at webstore,   


minimum order 1 dozen

Cotton Candy in Jar Containers

These favors are for that extra special touch and are a perfect addition to any wedding, baby shower or party.

You can choose up to 3 flavors along with your ribbon color choice

Comes in 16 oz. containers

    Custom labels available


Cotton Candy Sundae cups

Cotton Candy Stuffed Sundae Cups

Sundae cups stuffed with cotton candy are the coolest way to add something special to your party.

Sundae Cups are 8oz.

 Custom labels available

Custom labels available

                                                All pricing at webstore,

                                                 minimum order 1 dozen

Because of the nature of this product and being most of our orders are custom orders we do not offer refunds! If you have a problem with your order please let us know as we do offer a store credit on a case by case basis! We are not responsible for delays in shipping.